Dako Consulting - World Class Cocktail Consulting
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We are a consultancy specialized in the cocktail- and bar industry. Years of experience and education have made us experts within this area. We create bar concepts and cocktail menus. We improve service delivery by designing the bar and training the bartenders. Whether you are a startup, a bar, a club, a café, a restaurant, or a concert venue, we help with expert knowledge and guidance. We offer consultancy in a wide range of services. Find out more about our offers here.

Cocktail Creation

We create unique, quality cocktails designed specifically to your concept. Years of experimenting and inventing new cocktails have made us experts in creating new flavours, aromas, and experiences. We create all kinds of cocktails tailored your concept: from perfectly balanced classics to completely innovative cocktails. Our cocktails are both appealing in appearance and taste.

Bartender Training

We help train and improve your bartenders’ skills. Bartending is a craftsmanship that requires training and practicing. We help your bartenders gain a better understanding of the components and crafting of your cocktails. We adapt the training to your team’s level, so whether your bartenders are new or experienced the training is effective.

Concept Development

We help you invent a unique bar- and cocktail concept. On the basis of your ideas and wishes we create a concept that matches your place and people. The area and target group is analysed and considered in the concept development process. We create a concept that appeals to and attracts the right customers.

Product Consulting

From spirits and ingredients to tools and glasses – we consult you in choosing the most suitable products. We supervise you in selecting the best spirits and ingredients for your concept and cocktails. Also, the tools and glasses are important for creating and presenting the cocktails. From years of experience we recognize the best tools and glasses.

Bar Design

From years of experience in bars all around the world we help you design the most optimal and functional bar stations. By placing the fridges, glasses, tools, spirits, ingredients, and ice wells in strategic positions, you optimize speed, service, and sales, as well as working conditions.

Service Delivery

With extensive experience and education within service management, we assist you in improving service delivery. Smart, fast solutions are implemented in the bar design and helpful tricks are demonstrated in the bartender training. Successful service delivery helps you gain the full potential of your venue, since adherence to service delivery has high impact on your overall sales.

Marketing Management

We have experience and education within branding and marketing. We either help you start your social media channels or we handle the channels for you. We shoot and edit professional photographs of your bar and cocktails. The pictures are used to activate your social media channels and promote your place.

Graphic Design

We provide graphic designs for your bar. We design logos, menus, labels, and webpages. Based on your wishes and ideas we develop innovative, aesthetic designs that match your bar and concept.

If you have a question or would like a quote, get in touch for more information.